Do you know what precedes the filming process? Do you want to see some great pictures of the Olympic Games? Or original posters for Japanese movies? Do you want to see the photos of Prague taken during the pandemic? All these exhibitions and many more will be part of this year’s SFS programme.
All exhibitions are open to pass holders. Outdoor exhibitions are open to the public.

Japanese Films in Czechoslovak and Polish Poster

Hvězda Cinema Lobby
Duration: 6 August – 31 August
The exhibition will showcase 35 original graphic Czechoslovak and Polish movie posters made for Prague’s Central Lending Office of Films and Polish Central Lending Office of Films. The posters were created by Waldemar Swierzy, Wiktor Górka, Bedřich Dlouhý or Zdeněk Ziegler for the films by Akira Kurosawa and other Japanese filmmakers. All posters are part of the Terry Posters collection.

Liberated Brno!? / Let’s Not Forget

Smetana’s Park
Duration: 6 August – 12 August
The exhibition is curated by the South Moravian and Central Moravian branches of the Memory of Nations and is displayed on 12 large-format banners. It was organized in collaboration with the Meeting Brno festival and first displayed in May 2019. It covers the period from the end of the Second World War to 1989. Eyewitnesses talk about the key moments of the 20th century. Stories of several generations, contemporary witnesses talk about their ways of living and partaking in revolutionary events in Central Moravia.

Jan Vlček: FILM EYE (Sketches)

Museum of Moravian Slovakia
Duration: 3 August – 12 September 2021
Vernissage: Saturday, 7 August, 3:00 pm
How were the rooms for the film Caught in the Net made? How were the scenes for Nowhere in Moravia or The Doom of Dejvice Theatre “arranged”? Jan Vlček is a set designer and his fine storyboards are crucial to every project. Therefore he always creates several dozen coloured sketches with detailed drafts. The most interesting ones will be displayed in the Museum of Moravian Slovakia.

Hana Bartošová: Moments 11–20

Duration: 6 August – 20 August
Vernissage: Saturday, 7 August, 5:30 pm
The set of photographs taken at 2011–2020 Summer Film Schools captures the festival’s overall atmosphere. It consists of portraits, snapshots, and news photographs as well as atmospheric night town pictures taken from roofs, windows or streets, riverside sunrise photos etc.

Robin Goláň: Ecce Homo

Duration: 6 August –20 August
Vernissage: Sunday, 8 August, 2:00 pm
Robin Goláň’s collection of 36 photographs, Ecce Homo, was inspired by the Slovenian-Czech film Oroslan and is to accompany the film premieres. Goláň’s wandering individuals, portrayed in different real-life situations, correspond with the spiritual themes of the film. Speaking the language of art, they guide us through these draconian times full of lifestyle threats.

Olympic Moments

Palacký Square
Duration: 6 August – 15 September
Vernissage: Sunday, 8 August, 5:00 pm
More or less memorable moments, failures and victories, the atmosphere of the modern Olympic Games, Czech and Czechoslovak Olympic winners, daily routines of winter or summer Olympic Games. A new outdoor photography exhibition curated by the Czech News Agency will be released at this year’s Summer Film School at the time of the suspended Olympic Games in Tokyo. The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with the Czech Olympic Committee and the town of Uherské Hradiště, and it will also pay tribute to our Olympic winner Dana Zátopková who died last year at the age of 97.

Afghanistan: Through the Eyes of a Military Chaplain

Theatre of Moravian Slovakia
Duration: 6 August – 12 September
Vernissage: Monday, 9 August, 2:00 pm
Kamil Vícha is a military chaplain who currently participates in the Hradecký Slunovrat Festival where he conducts restoration work on the St. Johns’ Church in Opava. In previous years, he served in the missions in Mali, Kosovo, and Afghanistan where he spent almost two years – six months in Logar (2010), six months at Bagram airbase (2014), and the longest time in Kabul and its surrounding areas (2019). In these three missions, he managed to take a great number of images. The selection of the photographs will be displayed in the Theatre of Moravian Slovakia.

Roman Vondrouš: Fragments of Metropolis

Klub Kultury – Gallery
Duration: 6 August – 20 August
Vernissage: Tuesday, 10 August, 5:00 pm
The set of images taken by Roman Vondrouš, a Czech News Agency’s photojournalist, depict the deserted streets of Prague during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most recognized Czech press photographers captures the masked capital with an outstanding sense of colours and lightning. The exhibition also includes the winning picture of the Czech Press Photo 2020 – Disinfection.