2021 SFS Guests

Zdeněk Svěrák

At the SFS: 9 – 11 August
He graduated from Prague’s Pedagogical faculty of Charles University with a degree in Czech language and literature. But correcting grammar tests had never been his cup of tea. He switched to writing theatrical plays and film scripts with Ladislav Smoljak in which he could better utilize his sense of language, dialogues and storytelling. During the 1980s, he became a solo screenwriter and an actor. Three of his films were nominated for Academy Awards. While My Sweet Little Village and The Elementary School failed to score, Kolya won him Best Foreign Language Film.

Martin Huba

At the SFS: 6 – 8 August
Slovak actor Martin Huba acquired his nickname “theatrical aristocrat” mostly due to his noble manners and the collaboration on high-profile projects, where he performed as an actor or as a director. Meanwhile, he was steadily building his filming career, while the first greater opportunities came from the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution. In his characters he often personified the fundamental values of our history (A Righteous Choice, Jan Hřebejk’s Kawasaki’s Rose, or the captivating title role in Talks with TGM). All these films will be screened on the occasion of his visit at this year’s SFS.

Goran Marković

At the SFS: 6 – 8 August
He studied film directing at Prague’s FAMU where he attended lectures by Milan Kundera. He witnessed the Prague Spring utopia or Jan Palach’s funeral. Then he went back home to become a notable Yugoslavian/Serbian film director. He is also a remarkable screenwriter, stage director and a teacher. Last year, he published a book in Czech, his memories of the Prague initiation, entitled Česká škola neexistuje (The Czech School Doesn’t Exist).

Jarosław Kamiński

At the SFS: 9 – 11 August
He graduated from Prague’s FAMU, the Department of Editing, but dedicated most of his career to Polish cinema. In the last two decades, he worked on a countless number of notable Polish films, including the movie Ida, which won the 2015 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, or Cold War which was awarded the European Film Award for the best editing. Summer Film School has prepared a special selection of his works.

Sergio Castro San Martín

At the SFS: 6 – 10 August
Sergio Castro San Martín has been the third distinguished Chilean filmmaker (after Alejandro Goic, Alejandro Fernández Almendras) profiled at SFS. This great director and photographer will present three of his films, showing a broad expansion of his scope: an art-house rape-revenge film, a contemplative portrait of a post-rock band, and a documentary about a famous, ambivalent personality of the Chilean history.