Workshop: Discover Film Genres in a New Way

Monday, August 9 / 4:00–6:00 p.m.
Klub kultury 3

How to analyse films through gender lens with students of upper primary schools? How to make them engaged and enriched? This sample lesson will be fun for both children and adults. We will analyse animation movies where different genre principles are supported by visual shortcuts and exaggeration. The workshop participants can also make an animated video.

During the workshop, we will watch clips from Jan Barta’s highly acclaimed animated movie The Vanished World of Gloves, which is a unique mixture of classical film genres. We will try to identify the basic principles of each genre and examine Barta’s animation techniques. You can then employ these techniques in your own animation.

Lecturers: Martina Voráčková, Michaela Dušková (Animánie, CZ)
Age: 8+