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The health and safety of the festival participants are our utmost priority. 

Based on our mutual agreement with the Regional Hygiene Office in Zlín and the town’s representatives we announce the following health and safety precautions that should protect all participants of the 46th Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště

The following precautions become effective July 28, 2020. We will keep you updated if there is any change. All updates on this page will be announced in our newsletters and on social networks.

All festival participants are obliged to follow the government regulation about wearing face masks in indoor venues with more than 100 people.

The complete programme of the Summer Film School will be available only for the holders of passes (or for those who already purchased a ticket pack or tickets to concerts and theatres).

Off-programme pass
This pass can be used (not only) by the locals. It allows you to visit our expert and accompanying programme in the tents (Children/Literary Tent, Czech TV Tent, Czech Radio Tent, Respekt Tent, Scout Institute Tent), open-air cinemas (in Smetana Park and Redside Zone Kolejní Square), Mír Club, Gallery of Moravian Slovakia, Museum of Moravian Slovakia, and Rochus Park. It also allows you to buy discounted tickets to theatres and concerts. The off-programme pass does not allow you to enter the screening rooms.

The off-programme pass costs 50 CZK and can be purchased via My LFŠ or at the SFS Festival Centre in front of the Hvězda Cinema.

Ticket packs cancelled
If you’ve already bought a ticket pack, don’t worry. These remain valid and can be used by one or more persons (both for film screenings and off programme). Just show the ticket pack at the entrance to the tents, open-air cinemas or Mír Club. The ticket will not be deducted. However, only one person will be allowed to enter the venue. All theatres and concerts in Redside Zone Kolejní Square are accessible only with a valid ticket to the programme.

Studentské Square moves to the Redside Zone Kolejní Square
All visitors to the Redside Zone must have a valid pass (the festival or off-programme one) or a ticket pack.

Children programme
All visitors to the Children Tent must have a valid festival pass except for children under five years of age who must be accompanied by at least one holder of the pass.


46th Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště, all colours of film will shine in August 7.–12., 2020.

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